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In Nagapattinam district, Velankanni lives over the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal- a special grade town panchayat population of roughly 10,500 people out of which 48% constitutes the male gender and 52 people female gender, as per the 2001 census. Velankanni Tamil Nadu, which was popular for trading associated with Rome and Greece, is famous for its churches, beaches, handicrafts, etc. Velankanni is a place you should explore, so here is the Velankanni tourist places list having hubs worth your time.

  • Nagapattinam
  • Sikkal
  • Velankanni church
  • Church Museum
  • Velankanni Beach


The small town of Tamil Nadu, Nagapattinam, has loads to offer for its tourists, especially about the past. The townhouses have several holy pilgrimages to stop by and also some nearest tourist places near Velankanni. The presence of pilgrimages is the same thing where its name is derived from - nagur- meaning land of serpent god's. 

Nagapattinam has been gaining a much bigger limelight since Pallavas, with rampant developments only occurring in the Chola Dynasty. Moreover, the Buddhists were also part of the town as a monastery, and even pagodas were erected. When it was time for Indians to enter the 16 century, the town came into the Portuguese capture. 

The beginning of the century was the time of the powers to be with the Dutch and Portuguese, and then gradually shifted to the British as the century-end started approaching. To explore the tourist places near Velankanni in the most delightful way, you ought to check the holy pilgrimages and the forts. 

In 2004, when most Velankanni tourist places had been destroyed by the tsunami, Nagapattinam also became a victim. Fortunately, today the destruction is much less as improvements have been made. Nagapattinam is near Pondicherry, just 3 hours by road. So look forward to pondicherry to Velankanni tourist places such as Nagapattinam. 

Sikkal Singaravelar Temple

Sikkal village hosts a temple named Singaravelar to Lord Muruga and Bedum Kanni Amman. Located about 5 km from Nagapattinam, Sikkal is situated near Bangalore. So if you are coming from there, Sikkal can be your first Bangalore to Velankanni tourist places to visit. 

Nagapattinam is purely the land of Gods. There are no less holy tourist places near velankanni Tamil Nadu. 

About the temple, it is magnificent and one of the most important pilgrimages in Nagapattinam and Velankanni Tamil Nadu. Standing high above 80 feet in height, Sikkal is a seven-tiered temple spread across an area of two acres. Worship time, divided into 6 phases, is regulated in the temple. 

Velankanni church

Formerly called the Vailankanni village, the church is a great option for Chennai to Velankanni tourist places to visit with a short time traveling hours- around 7 hrs only. The holiest place of worship for Indian Christians is the Velankanni church. Even if it is religion-wise, not just Christians, but the church sees all kinds of religions, and in fact, the church authorities themselves welcome each individual to the church. Additionally, it is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Velankanni, where you can pray with peace of mind. Moreover, the Pope has declared the church holy, attracting much more foreigners towards itself. 

The past of Velankanni Tamil Nadu also has a few notable events, such as the appearance of Mother Mary and baby Jesus. Around the late 1500s and beginning of the 1600 century, the place started growing into a Christian community soon after the miracle. Given that, this church has been dedicated to Mother Mary.

The church is open on all days, and worship is done in three languages: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, and English. Worship timings have been separated based on the five languages; however, the maximum Sunday worship is carried out in Tamil. 

Church Museum

There aren't many tourist places near Velankanni Church, and if any, they aren't very interesting. Luckily, a museum stands side by side with the church. The church museum is extremely wondrous, with each item showcased being precious at its own level. If you are proceeding with tourist places on the way to Velankanni church, check out the museum also, which you'll find right on its opposite. 

At the time of its creation, the main purpose of this museum was simple- to receive the offerings bought for Mother Mary. In return, the givers would take back immense blessings. As for the museum, it is filled with items from Portuguese items. Through the exhibits, you can easily configure the developments that happened back then. 

There's also a cathedral open for the commoners to see, which is based on coins that furthermore attract the museum and makes it one of the nicest and nearest tourist places in Velankanni. 

Apart from that, other artifacts such as stethoscopes and body parts made of gold and silver are made up as a part of the exhibit. Each item is carefully and with most care, stored under strong glassware. 

Velankanni Beach

While Tamil Nadu is already renowned for its beaches, it cannot happen that it's not included in the Velankanni tourist places list. Located on the eastern coastline, the Bay of Bengal flows by the side. Rome and Greece mainly used the port until Nagapattinam became a more important commercialization area. Upon enjoying the breeze of the sands, you can also turn to a ferry ride after that. To do so, you have to enquire from the Ferry authorities in the Vellaiya river- which connects further to the bay of Bengal. There are also numerous vendors in and around the beach selling religious items, handicrafts, and flowers. 

The beach is one of the top favorite tourist places around Velankanni - not just for a mesmerizing sea view, but for the seafood dishes that barely cost the pocket. There are varieties of fish fry and prawn curry available, with customization options. However, it is important to note that the stalls stay overcrowded, as the beach is mostly crowded. If you want to enjoy the sandy shores on your own, try coming before 9 am. 

Although it might be a great beach and the best tourist places near Velankanni Tamil Nadu, only sightseeing is safe. Swimming is also somewhat safe, but swimming to a further extent is not recommended since the water currents get suddenly high. 

Velankanni tourist places: Summary

Despite being extremely spiritual, Velankanni is regardless of religion. Even Hindus pray at church, and Christians attend the poojas at temples. Moreover, the Velankanni tourist places as such that it will give you a chance both as a religious person and a travel-lover.  

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