Why to visit Prem Mandir?? Best prem mandir timing to visit

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Prem Mandir History: Overview

Mathura houses spiritual destinations such as Mathura Dham, Kripalu Maharaj mandir, Radha Krishna mandir Mathura, etc. Radha Krishna Mandir, otherwise called the Prem Mandir, means Temple of God's love, dedicating Sita Ram and Radha Krishna. Prem Mandir is rarely seen empty, and devotees surround the temple, making a big crowd almost every day.

The holiest city of Vrindavan hosts the Prem Mandir. Most travelers doubt in which state Vrindavan is located, which makes sense as the temple is mostly known by its district Mathura. Vrindavan is located in Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh. 

As soon as it's dark, the temple is lit, not just via any regular lighting, but in the most glorifying way. The temple is also much renowned for celebrations like Janmashtami and Radhastami. During this time, Prem Mandir witnesses the biggest crowd of the year. 

If you ask about the grandness of the celebration, words will fall short describing it. 

The area thrives with the lushness of plants, trees, and water fountains. The best part of Prem Mandir is its relaxation with photography, which is extremely unlikely when it comes to temples/ holy pilgrimages. However, not all kinds of photography and videography are allowed and may need permission. But take your camera along the trip as you never know what turns out to be there. 

Prem Mandir History 

Prem mandir history commences in 2001 with Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, the one responsible for shaping the Mathura famous temple- Prem Mandir. The temple took around 12 years to complete the work, costing 150 crores. The total area of the temple is 54 acres, most of which is designed by an Indian-style architect - something that is noteworthy. 

The true history of prem mandir Mathura will forever be the temple's architecture. Made in a very mind-blowing way, white Italian marble highlights the carvings of Radha Krishna and Sita Ram. Shri Krishna statues with his admirers in the temple periphery, including leelas of Krishna's such as Govardhan Mountain raised by Krishna, Jhulan Leela, Kaliya Naag Leela, and Raas Leela are what you'll mostly find. 

The temple has two floors. The first floor has deities of Radha Krishna, while the figurine of Sita Ram is placed on the second floor. 

All of the history of prem mandir in Vrindavan had been a success only because of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. Presently, the non-profit organization- Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat authorizes the temple. Additionally, no prem mandir history would have been formed if it wasn't for JKP. JKP, the spiritual team initiated the works of the temple back in January of 2001 to inaugurate it in 2012 for the commoner. 

Prem Mandir Timing For The Aarti 

At Prem Mandir, Vrindavan temple timings are strict and wait for nobody. It goes on for almost half the day, starting from 5:30 am to 8:30 pm. To have a deeper insight about prem mandir timing, let's break it down in a much easier way. 

In the morning, Aarti and parikrama commence sharp at 5:30 am with bhog and bhog doors closing an hour later. Then at 8:30 am, it is the time for Darshan and Aarti while bhog will take place at 11:30 to finally reach prem mandir timing for Shayan aarti at noon, after which the door will close for the afternoon. 

The evening Vrindavan temple timings are divided into four schedules. Starting at 4:30 pm, it is the time of Aarti and Darshan, bhog at 5:30 pm, Shayan Aarti at 8:00 pm, and lastly Shayan Darshan at 8:15 pm until finally, the door closes at 8:30 pm. 

If asked for the best prem mandir timing to visit in the year, festival time (Janmashtami, Holi, etc.) shall grant you the best. Apart from that, anywhere between November to March is the ideal time as it's less humid in the winters. 

Things to remember

The Radha Krishna Mathura Cantt temple expects discipline and has rules provided for the visitors. Just like the chart of Mathura Vrindavan temple timings, followed every possible day, other important rules that are supposed to be equally respected include: 

  • One should keep their footwear outside. Every item is safe, including your footwear, and you also get a shoe rack to store it. 
  • The attire should be proper. 
  • Prohibition of liquor or alcohol. 
  • Mobile phones are allowed inside the premises, yet keep it silent or switch it off if there's nothing urgent. 
  • Visit the temple only if you have taken a bath beforehand. 

Prem Mandir in Mathura: Facts

In the entire journey of prem mandir history, the temple authorities have not employed many restrictions as it trusts its visitors. It might also be why the temple has not put forth much of the tough rules, as other grand temples usually do. 

With that, here are more facts about the mandir to help you out. 

  • Senior citizens, disabled individuals, or anyone who's sick can access a wheelchair. 
  • There are no entry fees and visitors only have to pay for vehicle parking, if any.
  • Transportation is very convenient as there are numerous options in public transportation apart from private cars. 
  • You can buy prasad- peda sweets- starting at 100 INR for one packet.
  • Canteens are there to feed your tummy, whose prices are pocket-friendly, so you don't need to pack things from home already. 
  • Musical night prem mandir shows occur every evening from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm. 

How can you reach Prem Mandir in Vrindavan? 

To reach Mathura and explore the rich prem mandir history via air, you have to land in Agra airbase and then travel to the temple via road, nearly 80kms away. You may do so via public taxis, which you'll find at the exit point itself. 

If coming by rail, Mathura railway station is the nearest one. Then after exiting the station, book a taxi, and you'll reach the main mandir in Mathura within an 8 km drive. 

Night Prem Mandir View 

The above prem mandir image of nighttime elites amongst all. It's only a virtual picture, yet the magnificence is dazzling. Just wonder how much more remarkable it would be in reality.  

It's recommended that you stay until nighttime, especially because of the evening water exhibits. Show timings are 7 pm every evening and are complemented by music. The theme is about Krishna and his life. You can even see the projection of leelas in the fountain. 


The temple, which is more famously known for the tales of prem mandir history, is a well-known Holy destination not just in Mathura and India but the world. You can imagine how magnificent the temple is as it stretches over 54 acres of land. Additionally, the beautifully-built temple took more than ten years to complete. 

Carrying mobile phones within the premises is allowed, so definitely capture an abundance of Mathura Vrindavan pics and store the treasures safely. An important aspect to emphasize is that Prem Mandir is mostly Crowded, so keep in mind the Vrindavan temple timings so that you don't lose track. 

In a nutshell, you can take back Krishna's life with you along with the history of the prem mandir in Vrindavan. 

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