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West Bengal is home to probably the best public parks in the country. No energetic explorer or a natural life sweetheart can at any point skirt the rich untamed life safe-havens that are home to probably the most interesting creatures. The particular environment and geology of West Bengal help in keeping the assortment of vegetation flourishing. Animals found in West Bengal are enormous and the fauna of West Bengal is a treat to the eyes.

 The wildlife sanctuary West Bengal in addition to the fact that an untamed life treasure, is encircled by probably the most outlandish areas, which make an excursion to these parks worthwhile. The most popular past inquiries are the Sundarbans Public Park. Procured acknowledgment for the Regal Bengal Tigers, it likewise is the biggest Mangrove woods on the planet.

Being near Inlet of Bengal, the majority of the parks are crossed by numerous enduring RI exquisiteness of the public park here and feeders making them an optimal spot for natural life to prosper. So, a lot is the enchantment that has made the untamed life, the principal travel industry fascination of West Bengal. The number of National parks in West Bengal is 6.

List of National Parks in West Bengal

Let’s see the list of some of the most popular wildlife sanctuary of West Bengal

·     Sundarbans National Park


Sundarban Public Park is without a doubt one of the top public parks in the country. This wildlife sanctuary in West Bengal contains upwards of 56 minuscule islands. The public park is additionally well known for being the world's greatest mangrove woods. It brags an amazing assortment of Regal Bengal tigers, crocodiles, monkeys, and so on, and has a noteworthy assortment of transient birds.

 You can arrive here effectively from Kolkata, the state capital, and partake in a loosening up voyage on the Ganges while investigating these shocking woods. Nights are awesome too as you can appreciate ancestral moves and unwind with your darlings. This undeniably popular tiger save is situated in the region of 24 Parganas.

 It is a piece of the biggest delta in the world and has been shaped by three streams. Aside from the Ganges, the other two waterways are Meghna and Brahmaputra. This sanctuary contains a good amount of West Bengal wildlife and the flora and fauna of West Bengal.

·     Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary


Mahananda Natural life Safe-haven is settled in the Himalayan lower regions in the Darjeeling area. The asylum offers helpful day safaris, which is a superb method for investigating the whole region. Notwithstanding, you ought to visit here in your vehicles and take the assistance of a manual for visiting the safe-haven appropriately.

This wildlife sanctuary in Kolkata has primary entry arranged in the vicinity of a toy train station called Sukna, which is around 9 km (5.6 mi) from the clamoring town of Siliguri. Arranged near the Mahanadi Stream and Waterway Teesta, the asylum is home to various elephants and the powerful Imperial Bengal Tigers.

·     Jore Pokhri Wildlife Sanctuary


You will go over this untamed life asylum in the well-known Darjeeling region of the state. Arranged at a high elevation, home to creatures love levels like the Himalayan Lizard. Notwithstanding, travelers can likewise detect different creatures like tigers and rhinoceros in this great untamed life asylum. Preferably, we prescribe you to visit the haven during the long periods of June to August. Individuals who wish to go via air can get down at Bagdogra Air terminal while the New Jalpaiguri rail line station is the closest train station from Jore Pokhri Untamed life Asylum.

·     Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary


Chapramari Untamed life Safe-haven is a little woodland and is extra to North Bengal's well-known Gorumara Public Backwoods. A waterway called the Murti isolates these two kinds of wood. The name of this natural life safe-haven has been gotten from a fish called 'Chapra', which is tracked down here in bounty. Situated around 30 km (18.64 mi) from Lataguri, the haven brags a wide assortment of creatures including buffalo, elephant, and deer among others. Bagdogra Air terminal is the closest air terminal to Chapramari Natural life Safe-haven (77.2 km/47.96 mi). The asylum stays shut from June to September for weighty rains and winters are the best chance to come here.

·     Jaldapara National Park


Jaldapara Public Park is one more breathtaking public park in the state, which is inseparable from the one-horned rhinoceros. Additionally, home to elephants, the recreation area is arranged in nearness to the Torsa Waterway. This National Park in West Bengal is a good spot for some wildlife watchers.

 On the off chance that you are a bird watcher, a visit to this public park ought to include it on your list of must-dos. You may likewise detect reptiles like cobras and pythons here, as well as creatures like deer and buffalo among others. Madarihat is the closest train station however a larger part of trains doesn’t stop here.

Thus, it is prescribed to get down at Hasimara, which is around 10.5 km (6.52 mi) from the recreation area. Take a taxi from the station to arrive here. The Bagdogra Air terminal close to Siliguri is the closest air terminal to Jaldapara Public Park.

·     Buxa Tiger Reserve


A lovely tiger saves situated in North Bengal, Buxa Tiger Hold is set in closeness to Bhutan and the northeastern Indian territory of Assam. The save was made in the year 1983 and is one of India's best tigers holds. Buxa Tiger Hold was perceived as a public park a couple of years after the fact. It is fascinating to take note that it is home to the biggest populace of elephants alongside a lot of other wild creatures, reptiles, as well as various kinds of birds. Pretty much 20.2 km (12.55 mi) from Alipurduar in North Bengal, Bagdogra Air terminal is the closest air terminal from here.

·     Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary


Sajnekhali wildlife sanctuary is a region in the northern piece of Sundarban delta and is situated at the connector of Matla and Gumdi waterway. It covers close to around 362 sq. km region which contains creatures of more than 500 species. It was set up as a haven in the year 1976. From this pinnacle, you can partake in the normal magnificence very much. The distance between Kolkata and Sajnekhali Bird Safe-haven is 130 Km. We can arrive at Sajnekhali Bird Safe-haven by houseboat or an engine send-off.

·     Santragachi Jheel Pakhiralay


Santragachi Jheel Pakhiralay can be found in the region of Howrah along the Santragachi Jheel Pakhiralay antiquated rail line tracks. To arrive at the bird safe-haven, guests ought to remove the train from Calcutta to the Rabindra Sadan metro station. Once at the station, they can get a transport or taxi to move them to the rambling bird protect to take pleasure in nature's marvels. The cold weather months give the best sightings of transient birds including kingfishers, Siberian ducks, wild sparrows, and different species.  This bird sanctuary in Kolkata is a must–visit.

·     Purbasthali Bird Sanctuary


The quiet West Bengal Purbasthali Bird Safe-haven is a place of refuge for bird species residing along the completely clear waters of Oxbow Lake. Birdwatchers will take pleasure in the opportunity to see and pay attention to brings of more than 70 types of transient and neighborhood birds during their visit.

Guests to the area will want to encounter going along the lake with neighborhood boatmen who are anxious to assist them with detecting each bird species. This rain-forested region is taken care of by the strong streaming waters of the Ganges Waterway making a lavish horticultural region for products of the soil. This bird sanctuary in West Bengal will take you on a trip with the birds.

·      Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary


The picturesque magnificence of Ballavpur Natural life Safe-haven can be capable while visiting the development of Birbhum locale in the West Bengal area. After showing up, guests will experience many inhabitants spotted deer and blackbuck deer as they wander through the thick forest biosphere. The variety of the climate incorporates clucking jackals, smooth operators, and a wide exhibit of transient birds. While strolling through the thick wilderness, adventurers will pass by old religious communities and quiet priests as they attempt to get looks at the local deer.

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